Spectrum Broadening of Supercontinuum Generation by fill Styrene in core of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Quang, Quy Ho; Lanh, Chu Van


In this paper, a new photonic crystal fiber with hollow core filled by styrene (PCFS) has been designed for coherent supercontinuum generation. Its main optical characterisitcs are simulated for different lattice microstructure. The PCFS2,0.3 with lattice pitch L=2 mm, filling factor d/L=0.3 and styrene core of diameter of 3.34 mm, owning the flat and anomalous dispersion in the near infrared range from 1.33 mm, lower confinement loss, higher effective refractive index at pump wavelength, and smaller effective mode area is chosen to invetigate the supercontinuum spectrum (SC). The spectrum broadening of SC depending on the fiber’s length, pump duration and pump energy is simulated and discussed in comperison to that obtained in the photonic crystal fibers with hollow core filled with toluene (PCFT2,0.3).



photonic crystal fibres; Fibre dispersion; Supercontinuum generation

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