Electrical properties of polyvinylidene fluoride/cellulose acetate blend modified by cenosphere

JOSHI, GIRISH MUKUNDRAO; Joseph, Anandraj ; Kulkarni, Varun Uday ; K Shukla, Sudheesh


In the present research work we successfully modified the polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and cellulose acetate (CA) blend by cenosphere (CS). We have disclosed the significant effect of cenosphenere on electrical properties of modified polymer blends. The real dielectric constant (Ɛr) decreases and dissipation factor (tan (δ)) increases as a function of cenosphere (wt %). The impedance analysis demonstrates the decrease in bulk resistance as a function of temperature. The inorganic nature of cenosphere increases the AC and DC conductivity and may be covalent ionic contribution of cenosphere. This investigation is highly useful for the structural applications and glass micro balloons fabrication.


PVDF; CA; CS; dielectric constant; dissipation factor; AC, DC conductivity; impedance

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