Comparative Crystallographic Analysis of Some Photoactive Furanocoumarins and Role of C-H…O, C-H…π & π… π Interaction in Their Supramolecular Structure

Sharma, Bandhan


The compounds taken in this paper to make a comprehensive review are imperatorin, phellopterin, rutaretin, marmesin and bergapten. The aim of this research paper is to confirm the aromatic character of these compounds and to find the different type interactions responsible to assemble the molecules into supramolecular structure. The pyrone moiety of all these molecules is perfectly planar with maximum deviation of 0.009(2) . In all the crystals, molecules are linked by C-H…O hydrogen bonds, forming a three dimensional framework. Different structural motifs (chains, dimmers, rings, etc.) bonded with C-H…π and π…π interactions are analysed, which leads them into supramolecular structures.


Furanocoumarins; Photoactive; X-ray diffraction; Supramolecular structure; Pyrone ring; Hydrogen bonding

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