Heat transfer in combined convective magnetohydrodynamic motion of nanofluid holding different shapes of nanoparticles in a channel under the influence of heat source

Sharma, Ram Prakash; Srinivasa Rao, Pentyala ; Prakash, Om


Heat transfer in mixed convection unsteady MHD flow of an incompressible nanofluid in a channel under the influence of heat source is studied. The channel with non-uniform walls temperature is taken in a perpendicular direction with a transverse magnetic field. Based on the substantial boundary conditions, three different flow conditions are examined. The problem is formed in PDEs with substantial boundary conditions. Four different forms of nanoparticles of identical volume fraction are employed in traditional base fluid water (H2O). Solutions for momentum and energy are attained by the perturbation method and examined graphically in different graphs. It is established that viscosity and thermal conductivity are the mainly well-known variables accountable for different results of velocity and temperature. It is also found that increasing heat source leads to an increase in nanofluid velocity and temperature and nano-size particles instance platelet and blade shapes have lesser momentum as related to brick and cylinder size of nanoparticles.


Heat source; Combined convection; Nanofluid; MHD flow; Cylindrical-shaped nanoparticles

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