Study of optical interaction between UO2++ and Ho3+ in zinc phosphate glass

Dhondiyal, Charu Chandra; Tiwari, Himani ; Bhatt, Tara ; ., Hema ; Upreti, Deepak Kumar ; Sanwal, Bhawna



A study of Non-radiative energy transfer in UO2-Ho system in zinc phosphate glass has been done by observing the steady state emission of UO2++ with varying concentration of Ho3+ in zinc phosphate glass at room temperature. It has been observed that UO2++ ion emission intensity decreases with increasing Ho3+ concentration resulting in a non-radiative energy transfer from UO2++ to Ho3+. The energy transfer mechanism for the systems is confirmed to be electric dipole-dipole in nature according to Fong-Diestler’s, Forster and Dexter’s and Van Uitert’s theory. The donor-acceptor distances (DD→A) and transfer efficiencies (η), as well as energy transfer probabilities (Pda) in presence of different acceptor concentration, have been calculated.


Rare earth ions; Non-radiative energy transfer; Dipole-dipole interaction; Zinc phosphate glass.

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