Study of photon interaction parameters in some newly developed superconductors

Medhat, M.E. ; Rahman, Abu Zayed Mohammad Saliqur ; P. Singh, Vishwanath


The total mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic numbers and electron densities in some recent and newly discovered non-centrosymmetric (NCS) and iron-based superconductors have been calculated for total and partial photon interactions in the wide energy range 1 keV-100 GeV. The values of these parameters have been found to change with composition of the superconductor and change in energy whereas their behaviour has been found to be identical with all energies. The variations of these parameters with energy are shown graphically for all photon interactions. The reported data could be useful for comparing these superconductors in terms of radiation sensitivity and radiation detection. The results of this work can stimulate research for other materials and different types of newly superconductors.


Superconductors; Mass attenuation coefficients; Effective atomic number; Effective electron number

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