Performance Evaluation of a novel dense hybrid passive optical network for acceptable modulation technique using EDFA amplifiers

kumar, Ghanendra ; kumar, sandeep


Good rating services in terms of high speed data rate, good quality video signal and high speed telecommunication is the prime requirement for the current customers which have resolved in this research work for the first time best of our knowledge for 200 customers with the power amplification from EDFA optical amplifiers. Further, transmission of three play services signals have carried out from different modulation techniques (RZ, NRZ,Manchester, DBPSK and DQPSK modulator) to get the best outcomes. Furthermore, analysis of recommended dense hybrid passive optical network (DHPON) has also done in terms of bit error rate (BER), quality factor (Q-factor), and jitter. Final evaluation has recommended that RZ modulation technique is the acceptable choice to deliver the best services for the customers end.


DHPON, RZ modulator, NRZ modulator, Manchester modulator, DBPSK modulator, DQPSK modulator, BER, quality factor, PON

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