Electric and Dielectric Studies on Modified Lithium Germanate

W, Madhuri ; Johnson, Jaimon C; Qureshi, Parvez Ahmed; KAPTE, ISHA SUNIL; Niyogi, Sucharita


Titanium doped Lithium Germanate (Li4TiGe2O8) is synthesized by ceramic double sintering route. Germanate is sintered at a temperature of 900o C for 30 min in a microwave furnace. The formation of glass was confirmed by the X-ray diffraction technique. Electric, dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties are investigated. Dielectric studies performed from room temperature to 500o C showed a steady dielectric constant of approximately 75 throughout the investigated temperature. AC conductivity of the glass showed very high resistivity of the order of 107 Ω-cm. Further, an ionic hopping conduction mechanism is suggested from the conductivity behaviour as a function of frequency. Ferroelectric hysteresis recorded at room temperature has exhibited a square loop suggesting very good ferroelectric nature of the glass. From the obtained high resistivity and piezoelectric coefficient, the glass can be explored for MMIC and MLCC device fabrication.


Lithium Titanium Germanate; Dielectric Constant; Ferroelectric; Piezoelectricity

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