Improvement in short-circuited coaxial flange for evaluating microwave superconducting properties at low temperature

Kalra, Yogita ; M Patel, Sandhya ; Ojha, V N ; Sinha, R K


In the present study, we have proposed an improvement in terms of the determination of S-parameters of an open flange from its characteristic impedance and propagation constant. With the help of these S-parameters, the actual reflection coefficient of YBCO films deposited on LAO substrate is obtained from the measured reflection coefficient. The surface impedance of three YBCO films is obtained in the range of few ohms in the frequency range from 1 GHz to 40 GHz. The surface resistance of the films reduces at liquid nitrogen temperature, i.e., 77 K, whereas, the surface reactance slightly increases due to kinetic inductance. The conductivity and skin depth are also determined to validate the improvement in the method.


Thin superconductor film; Surface impedance; Microwave conductivity; Skin depth

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