Tuning of photonic bandgap in lithium niobate photonic crystal slab structures for wavelength filtering

Pavan, Vadapalli Durga Rama; Roy, Sourabh


In this paper, photonic bandgap of Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) based photonic crystal slab with triangular lattice is presented and the tuning of bandgap is discussed as a function of slab’s temperature. A micro-heater with plates parallel to the structure has been assumed for creating localized uniform heating and the corresponding refractive indices and dielectric constants were calculated using thermo-optic effect. MIT photonic bands software is used for the simulations. Tuning of band gap is performed at two wavelengths 632 nm and 1550 nm. It has been observed that the band gap is changing with temperature. The proposed structures can have the applications in wavelength filters, optical interconnectors and optical routers.


Photonic bandgap tuning; Photonic bandgap structures; Wavelength filters; Thermo-optic effect

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