Effect of growth temperature and RF power on structural and optical properties of sputtered deposited PbS thin films

Gaur, Jyotshana ; Singh, Beer Pal; Sharma, Hitesh Kumar; Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar


Lead sulphide (PbS) nanocrystalline thin films have been grown from sputtering with the variation of growth temperature and RF-Power. The intensity of single dominant peak (200) in XRD-pattern increases by increasing the growth temperature from 175 oC to 200 oC and RF power from 80 W to 100 W, respectively. The crystallite size and the strain of as-deposited PbS thin films have been calculated from XRD-peak profile analysis. Microscopic surface and cross-section images show the improvement in thin films growth in terms of alignment of grains and thickness. The band gap of PbS thin films has been determined from UV-Vis absorption spectra, where the band gap decreases from 1.98 eV to 1.72 eV as the growth temperature and power increased from 175 °C and 80 W to 200 °C and 100 W.


PbS thin films; Growth temperature and RF-power; Structural and optical properties


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