The Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (Mf-Dfa) and Anomalies in Geomagnetic Total Field Intensity Prior To Mw~5.5 Earthquake

Chetia, Timangshu ; Baruah, Saurabh ; Sharma, Sangeeta ; Dey, Chandan ; Baruah, Santanu


In the research article, we report the anomalies observed in geomagnetic total field intensity (BTotal) prior to Mw 5.5 Kokrajhar event. The multifractal analysis was scrutinized to reveal the underlying dynamics in the Geomagnetic Total field intensity time series. The multifractal spectrum on the day when the event occurred (TEvent day) and its surrogate (TSurrogate) was investigated to understand the behavior and dynamics hidden in BTotal time series. A significant variation in the multifractal spectrum was observed between TDay one (multifractal spectrum a day prior to the event) and TEvent day. It was also observed that the mulfractality of BTotal when the event occurred (TEvent day) got stronger than the multifractality of TDay one and was sourced from low values distribution. The multifractality in TDay one and TEvent day time series was not from source type long range correlation or sourced from broad probability density function. The investigation also manifests some non-linear features which probably evinces the anomalies to be seismic induced. The observations are elaborately emphasized in the article. The study scrutinizes the underlying dynamics in geomagnetic field intensity time series for earthquake precursory and forecast studies.


Multifractal, Iterated amplitude adjust fourier transform, Geomagnetic field, Earthquake, Anomalies

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