Low Energy X-ray Photons Induced Changes in Lexan Films

P M, Raveesha ; K, Hareesh ; V P, Dhamgaye ; S D, Dhole ; Sanjeev, Ganesh


40 keV Synchrotron X-ray photons were made to fall on Lexan polycarbonate films at different exposure time. The low energy X-ray photons assisted modification in terms of physico-chemical properties of Lexan films were studied using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer, X-Ray Diffractogram (XRD), Vicker’s Microhardness Tester,
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Contact Angle Meter. FTIR result mainly includes decrease in the C=C stretching and C-C stretching of aromatics after irradiation. XRD analysis shows a slight decrease in the crystallinity after irradiation. Vicker’s microhardness test reveals the decrement in microhardness of Lexan films after irradiation. SEM result shows irradiation induced changes in the surface morphology. Contact angle measurement shows increase in the water contact angle in irradiated Lexan films.


Lexan films; X-ray photons; XRD; FTIR; Microhardness;  SEM; Contact angle

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