Ion beam and discharge characteristics of cold cathode ion source

atta, ali ; Abdel-Hamid, H M ; Fawzy, Y H A ; El-Okr, M M


In this work, some developments in the acceleration system of cold cathode ion source have been constructed to produce broad beam to be used in different industrial applications. An electrostatic probe with electrical circuit is constructed for study the extracted ion beam distribution. Broad beam 25 mm with ion current in the range of 1 mA is extracted from the constructed extraction system. The obtained optimum distance between the extraction grid and acceleration grid is 3 mm. The characteristics are measured to investigate the ion beam current Ib as a function of different parameters (discharge voltage Vd, gas pressure P, magnetic field intensity B and acceleration voltage Vacc). The magnetic field is collimated and intensifies the plasma that enhances the extracted beam current. The obtained cold cathode ion source can be used in different applications like surface etching, surface modification and deposition due to its long life and compactness.


Plasma; Cold cathode; Ion beam; Discharge; Acceleration

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