Effect of current density on electrodeposited ferrous tungsten thin films

Tamilarasan, K


Ferrous tungsten (Fe-W) electrodeposited thin film properties have been studied for different current densities and different deposition times. The magnetic saturation (Ms), retentivity (Mr) and coercivity (Hc) of the films have been studied using vibrating sample magnetometer. The retentivity (Mr) and the magnetic saturation (Ms) of the deposited films increased with the increase of current density. The crystallite size and stress of the deposited thin films were calculated using X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies. Percentage of elemental analysis of Fe-W films has been obtained using energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX). Surface morphology analysis has been carried out using scanning electron microscope (SEM). The magnetic properties and structural characteristics of the thin films deposited under various experimental conditions are discussed. The hardness and adhesion of the deposited thin films were also studied.


Electrodeposition; Fe-W; EDAX; Scanning electron microscope; XRD; Hardness; Thin films

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