Iso-conversional study of crystallization activation energy of amorphous-crystallization transformation for Se79Te20Pb1 glass using non-isothermal differential scanning calorimetry technique

Patial, Balbir Singh; Vashist, Priyanka ; A, Anjali ; Tripathi, S K ; Thakur, Nagesh


The ternary Se79Te20Pb1 chalcogenide glass is prepared using melt quenching technique. Differential scanning calorimetry technique (DSC) is used to investigate the kinetics of crystallization of amorphous-crystallization (a-c) phase transformation under non-isothermal conditions at three different heating rates; 5, 10 and 15° C min-1. The variation of crystallized activation energy (Ec) with crystallized fraction (ϰ) and hence, with temperature (T) is investigated using five iso-conversional methods namely KAS, OFW, Friedman, Tang and Chen and Starink. It is found that Ec is not constant but vary with ϰ as well as T. Thus, the iso-conversional analysis of investigated glass indicates that the assumption of constant Ec is not appropriate


Chalcogenide glass; Differential scanning calorimetry; Non-isothermal methods; Iso-conversional analysis

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