Epoxy-based Light Weight Gamma Ray Shielding Materials

Joshi, Shailesh ; S, Chandrasekaran ; I, Vijayalakshmi ; K, Sivasubramanian ; V, Jayaraman


Lightweight epoxy-based X-ray /gamma-ray shielding materials were synthesized by blending epoxy resin with the different weight percent of lead oxide, bismuth oxide, and tungsten oxide powders. The synthesized composites were characterized using FTIR, elemental analyzer, and X-ray radiography for their chemical structure, elemental composition, and filler distribution. The photon interaction parameters such as linear/mass attenuation coefficient, attenuation percentage, and half value layer were determined for all composites at photon energies 59.5, 364, and 661.7 keV. The measured mass attenuation coefficients of epoxy composites matched well with the obtained from XCOM. Moreover, the shielding effectiveness of the composites was analyzed by the half-value layer and heaviness of the composites and was compared
with conventional shielding materials (concrete, lead, and steel).


Composite, Shielding material, Linear attenuation coefficient, Half value layer

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