Effect of Annealing and Ion Beam Irradiation on AC Electrical Properties for Gold Sputtered PM-355

Radwan, Samah I.; Rashad, Ahmed M; Tantawy, Hesham R; Abdel Samad, Salam


Deposition of different gold thickness on PM-355 cleaned by ethanol forming thin films using magnetron sputtering. Gold layer with thickness 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000, 1300, and 1500 nm were deposited to prepare Au / PM-355 thin films. Then, ac electrical properties response of thin films for a wide frequency range 20Hz - 5MHz were measured at room
temperature. Meanwhile, the measurements of ac conductivity, dielectric constant, and dielectric loss factor were plotted at different frequencies to determine the optimum thickness. Hence, the comparison was done between optimum Au thickness thin films cleaned by two organic solvents and ethanol before annealing at different frequencies. Also, study the effect of annealing and ion beam that extracted radially from conical anode and disc cathode ion source on optimum Au thickness thin film electrical properties. It is found that the annealing increases both dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and ac conductivity of optimum Au thin film at different frequencies. Despite, the nitrogen ion beam effected on these thin films by decreasing the dielectric constant and ac conductivity for all thin films except the chloroform one. Finally, study the comparison between the annealing and followed by ion irradiation thin films. It is noticed the decrease in ac electrical conductivity and dielectric constant at different frequencies.


Thin film, PM-355, Gold, Sputtering, AC conductivity, Annealing, Dielectric constant, Ion beam,
Dielectric loss

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