Energy transfer based photoluminescence spectra of Dy3+, Sm3+: PEO+PVP polymer films

Kumar, Naveen ; Rudramadevi, B. H. ; S, Buddhudu


Dy3+, Sm3+ ions doped PEO+PVP polymer films and also a host PEO+PVP polymer films have successfully been synthesized by solution casting method. For the PEO+PVP film, its XRD, FTIR, Raman and TG-DTA profiles have been investigated in order to understand its structural and thermal properties. Dy3+ doped film has displayed a blue emission under an UV source. Photoluminescence spectra have been measured to study its optical properties. For observed blue emission at 480 nm (4F9/26H15/2) of Dy3+ film, its decay curve has been measured in evaluating the lifetime of the blue emission. The Sm3+ polymer film has displayed an orange emission under an UV source. For this Sm3+ film, emission spectra have been measured to evaluate its optical properties. For the orange emission at 600 nm (4G5/26H7/2) of Sm3+, the transitions of Sm3+ are clearly explained in the form of an energy level diagram. In the co-doped system, an energy transfer between the dopant ions in the host polymer matrix has been explained. These results suggest these films as blue and orange luminescent optical materials.


Dy3+; Sm3+: PEO+PVP polymer films, Analysis; Photoluminescence spectra; Energy transfer

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