Automatic optical inspection system for the coupling efficiency of optical fiber with a coupling efficiency contour map

LIN, CHERN ; Hsu, Yuen-Chang


This study presents a method for the inspection of optical fiber coupling efficiency and alignment system. The device is applied to the three dimensional alignment of the optical connector module of the standard Intel Light Peak. A coupling efficiency contour map for the relationships of fiber microlens off-axis, tilting, and coupling efficiency is established. The system uses CCD cameras for real-time monitoring. The coupling efficiency can be calculated from the image processing and the database comparison methods. A five-axis precision translation stage is used as the platform, which can adjust the axis offset and relative angle to obtain the case of optimal coupling efficiency. With a novel algorithm, the system can determine the direction of off-axis or tilt in order to search for the best position of coupling efficiency. Finally, the smallest movement of the translation stage can be obtained in the database of the Light Peak coupling efficiency.


Inspection; Coupling efficiency; Alignment; Off-axis; Image processing


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