Dielectric Barrier Discharge Effect on Capacitively Coupled RF Argon Glow Discharge

Bouchikhi, Abdelaziz


In this work we study the effect of the dielectric barrier discharge (DBDs) on capacitively coupled radio frequency argon glow discharge at low pressure. Firstly, the property discharges are given without DBDs, commenced by means of which exists in the literature in order to validate our code numeric. The model is based on the drift-diffusion approximation. The results with DBDs are mostly affected by means of the surface charge concentrations and the gap voltage. Consequentially, the particle densities, electric potential and electric field, mean electron energy as well as the current densities are totally different compared to those obtained without dielectrics.


RF glow discharge, Gauss's law, Dielectric barrier discharges, Capacitively coupled

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