Effect of Tilted Electric Field and Magnetic Field on the Energy Levels, Binding Energies and Heat Capacity of Donor Impurity in GaAs Quantum Dot

Aldarawsheh, Amal ; shaer, ayham ; Ali, mahmoud ; Elsaid, mohammad


The Hamiltonian of an electron confined in a parabolic quantum dot in the presence of perpendicular magnetic field, donor impurity, and tilted electric field, has been solved by employing an exact diagonalization method. All the energy matrix elements have been derived in analytical forms. We have displayed the variation of the computed energy levels, binding energy and heat capacity of the quantum dot with the physical Hamiltonian parameters like: external magnetic and electric fields, confining strength, tilt angle and temperature. It’s found that the binding energy increases as the magnetic field increases. However, it decreases as the electric field increases. The dependence of the heat capacity on the electric field and magnetic fields and impurity has also been investigated. The calculated results show that heat capacity increases as the electric field increases, while it decreases with the enhancement of the magnetic field. In addition, the presence of the donor impurity is found to enhance the heat capacity. The present results are consistent with those reported in the literature.


Heat capacity; Quantum Dot; Binding energy

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