Evaluation of third order nonlinear optical properties of SiO2/PVA-PEG Nanocomposites by Z-Scan Method

K, Kannan ; S, Agilan ; Muthukumarasamy, N ; Vinitha, G ; Ramesha, C


SiO2 nanoparticles was synthesized by sol-gel method and polymer nanocomposites by solvo-casting method. XRD and SEM analysis have revealed the size, morphological structure and formation of SiO2/PVA-PEG polymer nanocomposites. The presence of hydrogen bond between SiO2 and PVA-PEG was proved with the help of Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy (FTIR). Further UV-Vis studies was used to find the optical band gap and linear refractive index. Third order nonlinear optical properties such as two photon absorption, nonlinear refractive index and third order nonlinear susceptibility was evaluated for the title compound using Z-scan method. The estimated nonlinear optical properties of title compound proved the appropriateness of the sample for optical applications.


Polymer Nanocomposites; XRD; Optical Studies; NLO

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