Modeling of soil water retention based on 3D micro-tomographic image analysis

de Oliveira, Jocenei Antonio Teodoro; Pires, Luiz Fernando; Cássaro, Fabio Augusto Meira; Brinatti, André Maurício; Saab, Sérgio da Costa


This paper proposes the use of an algorithm based on the mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) method to obtain the water retention characteristic curve (pF curve) of a soil under different treatments. 3D X-ray micro-tomographic images were used to quantify pore size distribution, which was employed for the evaluation of the water retention in different matric potentials. The results showed very good agreement between the traditional method (obtained by suction tables) and that one based on the MIP algorithm. It means that the use of simulation procedures can be an interesting alternative for the measurement of soil water retention properties.


X-ray computed tomography; Porosity; Pore size distribution; Native forest; Environmental soil physics

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