Absorption spectra of ternary complex of neodymium in different solvents

Ujjwal, Shri kishan


The optical absorption spectra of complex of neodymium in different solvents i.e water (18), methanol (32.04), ethanol (46.07) and acetic acid (60.05) have been recorded in visible region (360-900 nm for Nd3+) using amino acid primary ligand and diol as secondary ligand in ratio (1:2:1). The values of energies and intensities of various transition have been calculated using Judd-Ofelt relation which are found to be in good agreement with experimental results. The complexes studied are found to be ionic in nature. The effect of various ligand on the position and intensity of the observed transition in different environments has been discussed in terms of metal-ligand co-ordinate. Transition also involves change in the vibrational modes of the complex comprising a rare earth ion and its surroundings which provides a contribution to oscillator strength of precisely similar form.


UV-Vis  Spectra; Rare earth metals; Amino acid; Judd–Ofelt parameters

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