Nanofluid Bioconvection in Porous Enclosure with Viscous Dissipation

Alluguvelli, Ramesh ; Balla, Chandra Shekar ; Naikoti, Kishan ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel


In this paper, the bioconvective nanofluid flow in porous square enclosure containing oxytactic microorganism associated with viscous dissipation, is discussed. The bioconvection flow in porous medium is framed by Darcy-Boussinesq approximation. Galerkin finite elements method is employed to solve the governed equations. The computational numerical results are exhibited by the surface plots of stream function, temperature, concentration of oxygen and microorganisms, average Nusselt number, average Sherwood numbers of oxygen and microorganism concentrations. The effects of key parameters such as Peclet number (Pe), Rayleigh number of bioconvection (Rb), viscous dissipation (Ec), thermophoretic parameter (Nt), parameter of Brownian movement (Nb), Lewis number (Le) and Rayleigh number (Ra) are presented and analyzed.


Thermo-bioconvection; Oxytactic microorganisms; Thermophoetic force; Square enclosure in porous medium; Viscous dissipation; Peclet number; Brownian motion

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