Experimental Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Study of Mg/B4C/Cr Hybrid Composites

SINGH, SAKSHI ; Chauhan, Nathi Ram


This study explores the investigation of enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of Mg/B4C/Cr hybrid composites having varying 3, 5, 7 wt. % of B4C and Cr reinforcements in Mg-matrix. The bottom pouring vacuum-based squeezed stir casting process is used to fabricate these composites. The Mg/B4C/Cr hybrid composites evaluate ultimate strength, elongation percentage, expansion coefficient, heat conductivity, hardness, and then compared with Mg/5B4C and Mg/5Cr composites. Each of Mg-based hybrid composites results indicates higher thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient than Mg/5B4C and Mg/5Cr composites. The tensile results reveal that the Mg/B4C/Cr hybrid composites show mixed morphologic behaviour of brittle-ductile while Mg/5B4C and Mg/5Cr composites are individually evident with brittle behaviour. The proper interfaces between Cr particles and Mg matrix illustrate reduced dislocations with efficient strength and thermal results. However, B4C particles present in the base matrix is liable for the effective hardness and ultimate strength in the Mg/B4C/Cr hybrid composites. In comparison with other composites (Mg/B4C and Mg/Cr), Mg/B4C/Cr hybrid composite shows efficient thermal conductivity with high thermal conductance which diverges towards the application of gas cylindrical liners.


Hybrid Composites; Mechanical Properties; Thermal Properties; B4C Particles; Chromium; Stir Casting

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