Geant4 Monte Carlo code application in photon interaction parameter of composite materials and comparison with XCOM and experimental data



In the present work, the applicability of Geant4 Monte Carlo code for mass attenuations of different types of composite materials such as building materials, glasses, plastics and water matrix at photon energies 59.5, 80, 356, 661.6, 1173.2 and 1332.5 keV has been tested. The Geant4 simulated results of mass attenuation coefficients of composite materials have been compared with the experimental and theoretical XCOM data and a good agreement has been observed. The results indicate that this simulation process can be followed to determine the data on the gamma rays interaction parameters with the several energies in different types of materials. The modeling for photon interaction has been standardarised for any type of composite samples. The Geant4 code can be utilized for gamma ray mass attenuation coefficients for each sample at different energies, which may sometimes be impractical by experiment investigation.


Composite material; Mass attenuation coefficient; Geant4 simulations

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