Experimental Investigations of Alpha Particle Irradiation of Natural Nickel

SAVADI, VARUN VIJAY; Singh, D. P. ; Yadav, A ; Singh, P. P ; Sharma, M. K ; G, Unnati ; Mustafa, M. M ; Singh, B.P ; Prasad, R ; Joshi, S K


Attempts have been made to measure the activity in irradiated natural Ni material induced by α-particles in the energy range 10-40 MeV followed by stack foil activation technique. Activity induced has been determined through the cross-sections obtained from various reactions for 58Ni(α, p)61Cu, 58Ni(α,  pn)60Cu, 60Ni(α, p2n)61Cu, 60Ni(α, n)63Zn, 60Ni(α, 2n)62Zn,61Ni(α, 3n)62Zn and 61Ni(α, 2n)63Zn in α+natNi interaction at different beam energies has been found to vary from 10-26 microns.


Nickel & nickel alloys; Gamma spectroscopy; Stack foil activation; Yield; Cross-section measurements; Beam of alpha particles.

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