Hydrostatic pressure and polaronic effects on the confined energies in a spherical

wilson, K S joseph; Jice, A Rejo


The confined energies of low lying 1s, 1p and 1d states of an electron in a spherical quantum dot have been found out with finite barrier. The effects of hydrostatic pressure on various barrier heights have also been found. The influence of polaronic effects has been analyzed. The results show that the confined energies decrease as the dot size increases, the effect of hydrostatic pressure and polaronic mass decrease the confined energy, and the combined effect of hydrostatic pressure and polaronic reduce the confinement to 12% and 22% for 1s, 1p and 1d states, respectively. The results are also in good agreement with the other research articles in the literature.


Spherical quantum dot; Square well confinement; Confined energies; Effective mass approximation

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