Production Cross Sections and Induced Activity in Ge Isotopes by 30 MeV Proton Beam

Kumar, Pawan ; Goyal, Sneh Lata; Nandy, Maitreyee


The excitation functions of 70Ge(p,n)70As,72Ge(p,n)72As, 74Ge(p,n)74As and 76Ge(p,n)76As reactions were studied from reaction threshold to 30 MeV by using EMPIRE-3.2 and TALYS-1.9 nuclear reaction model codes. This study is important because some isotopes produced are important for positron emission tomography (PET). Direct, pre-compound and compound nuclear reactions are considered as main nuclear reaction mechanisms in the codes. The calculated excitation functions have been compared with available experimental data and found to be in fair agreement. Furthermore, the contributions of various reaction mechanisms have been studied in total reaction cross-section that varies with the incident proton energy. The estimation of induced radio activity in thick Ge target due to the primary interaction is carried out for1μA, 30 MeV proton beam.


Excitation functions; PCROSS; Hybrid Monte Carlo Simulation; Induced Activity; Pre-equilibrium

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