Comparative analysis of efficient diode design for terahertz wireless power transmission system

bhatt, kapil ; Tripathi, chandra charu


The wireless power transmission (WPT) technology is an extension of wireless communication. The physics of WPT and wireless communication are related, but WPT is distinct from wireless transmission for transferring information (such as radio and mobile phones etc.), where the percentage of the power that is received is only important if it becomes too low to successfully recover the signal. With WPT, the efficiency is a more critical parameter and this creates important differences in these technologies. This paper presents the wireless power transmission (WPT), from past work to most recent accomplishments including recent developments, potential approaches and factors responsible for designing most critical rectifying diodes operating at terahertz/petahertz frequencies.


Wireless Power Transmission; Rectenna; Metal-Insulator-Metal Diode; Geometric diode; Geometric Asymmetry Layout; Terahertz/Petahertz

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