Investigation on BST-NZF Magnetoelectric Composites

Khatri, Vishal ; Kumar, Vinay ; Kumar, Ashwani ; Meena, Shravan Kumar; Rani, Renu


Here, we are reporting electrical properties of Barium Titanate and Ni-Zn ferrite magneto-electric composites. Sr substituted barium titanate (BST = 90%) and MnO2 doped nickel zinc ferrite (NZF = 10%) were selected as individual phases for magneto-electric composite. Individual Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3 and Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 were prepared separately through solid state reaction route. For structural analysis, the sintered samples subjected to X-ray diffraction reveal a presence of both the ferrite and ferroelectric phase in the composite sample. Dielectric properties were measured as a function of frequency and temperature. Curie temperature for pure BST was observed to be 92 °C, whereas in the composite sample, the transition became broader. P-E hysteresis loops were recorded at 20 Hz for all the samples


Barium Titanate; BST; Ni-Zn ferrite; composites

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