Spectroscopic, thermal and dielectric studies on copper maleate monohydrate single crystals

M P, Binitha ; PRADYUMNAN, P P


Copper maleate monohydrate (CMM) crystals grown in gel medium have been characterized by XRD, FTIR and FT-Raman spectral studies. The thermal behavior of the crystals has been investigated by thermo gravimetric and differential thermal analyses. The results indicate that the grown crystals are thermally stable up to 100 °C. The decomposition process occurs in two stages until copper oxide is formed, which is confirmed by XRD analysis. The variations of dielectric constant and ac conductivity of the crystals have been studied as a function of frequency at different temperatures.


Copper maleate monohydrate; TG; DTG; DTA; Dielectric Constant; AC conductivity

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