Effect of Lead (Pb) Concentrations on Structural & Optical Properties of PbS Thin Films

BORTAMULY, GOUTOM ; Chetri, Pawan ; Bardaloi, Santanu


Small lead sulphide films (PbS) are applied to the parts of the glass slide using a chemical bath processor (CBD) at room temperature for 60 minutes. The visual characteristics of the thin films were measured with a spectrophotometer and some solid state structures were determined by comparing the absorption data at a distance of 300-900 nm using software. The software used three types of simulation. SEM micrograph, Band gap (Eg), Absorbance (A), and Raman shift were tested as a function of wavelength and photonenergy. Further analysis has shown that the band gap of PbS films increases as Lead concentration increases.


Structural and Optical properties; Chemical Bath Deposition process; Sulphide; wavelength , Band gap.

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