Enhanced Mechanical, Thermal, Photoluminescence, NLO and Antifungal Activities of Magnesium Doped Ninhydrin Crystals

A, Ponchitra ; K, Balasubramanian ; K, SAKTHIPANDI


A normal way of slow evaporation method had been used to preparing pure ninhydrin (PN) and magnesium doped ninhydrin (M1N) single crystals. The research describes the various characterizations of the developed PN and M1N crystals. Monoclinic crystal structure with non centrosymmetric P21 space group were marked in the developed crystals. Additionally, to find out the various functional groups of the grown PN and M1N crystals Fourier’s transformation infra-red studies had been used for this research. Vicker’s microhardness tester had been used to identify the strength of the developed crystals. In energy dispersive x-ray analysis the presence of carbon, oxygen and magnesium into the crystal lattice was observed. In connection with this by using thermal analysis the decomposition point of the developed crystals were marked. The photoluminescence study was used to identify the excitation and emission peaks of the grown samples. Conclusively, by powder Kurtz-Perry method the second harmonic generation efficiency had been verified in a greater aspect of this research. The antifungal activity of the PN and M1N crystals was observed against two fungi such as Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger.


Single Crystals; Structural properties; Thermal analysis; Hardness and Antifungal activity

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