Single mode EDF fiber laser using an ultra-narrow bandwidth tunable optical filter

Razak, Nor Farhah


Single longitudinal mode (SLM) erbium-doped fiber (EDF) laser operation using a commercialized ultra-narrow bandwidth optical filter has been studied. A two-meter long EDF with an absorption coefficient of 24 dBm-1 at the pump wavelength is used as gain medium. The ultra-narrow tunable filter is used for selection of a single longitudinal mode from the available spectrum of multiple modes, which originally exists in the FBG's reflection spectrum. Our approach provides a relatively simple and direct method for the realization of SLM operation. A high-resolution optical spectral analyzer with a resolution of 0.16 pm, is used to observe the output spectrum. To verify the SLM operation, the delayed self-heterodyne method is used, giving a measured laser linewidth of 61.5 kHz.


Single longitudinal mode; Ultra-narrow tunable filter; Delayed self-heterodyne method

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