Quantum Electron Acoustic Solitons and Double Layers with κ-deformed Kaniadakis Distributed Electrons

Bala, Parveen ; Kaur, Amanpreet


The present investigation is dedicated to the study of propagation characteristics of electron acoustic (EA) waves and double layers in the quantum plasma system containing inertialess hot electrons and inertial cold electrons with stationary ions forming the charge neutralizing background. It is assumed that hot electrons follow κ-deformed Kaniadakis distribution as governed by the parameter κ. Using the appropriate stretched coordinates and reductive perturbation method (RPM) the Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) and modified KdV (mKdV) equations have been derived. For the sake of analysis, a limit of range of deformation parameter (κ) has been set as -0.4≤κ≤0.4. For the defined range, it has been observed that plasma system supports rarefactive solitary structures. The amplitude and width of KdV soliton have been significantly affected by the quantum effects and remains unaffected by the deformation parameter (κ). The analysis was further extended to the derivation of mKdV equation to investigate the existence of small amplitude double layers (DLs). Only negative potential DLs are found to exist whose dynamics significantly depends on deformation parameter (κ), quantum effects (H) and hot to cold electron density ratio (α). The outcome of the present discourse may be helpful to understand the use of generalized entropies in the environment of plasma physics.


Electron acoustic waves, κ-deformed Kaniadakis distribution, Reductive Perturbation Method, Korteweg-de Vries equation, Modified Korteweg-de Vries equation, Double layers

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