New real time temperature monitoring and evaluation system

Ege, Yavuz


The storage of many drugs, serum and vaccines at specified temperature limit is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to read and record the ambient temperature and control the refrigerating device according to the limiting values specified by the user. Taking into account these requirements, a new PIC microprocessor-based temperature monitoring system that triggers the DS18B20 temperature sensor and controls the running of the refrigerator system is designed and developed. At the controlling operation, performed by this system, temperature limits are specified by the user. In case these limit values are exceeded, a warning message is sent to the user through GSM module. Furthermore, the temperature values that are read between the time intervals specified by the user are sent to a GLCD screen and presented in a graphical form. The temperature readings can be transferred to the computer environment as text file through a Visual Basic based interface with using a serial port. At this system which has one year data storage capacity, it is possible that the temperature values can be transferred to the computer by wireless communication facility. Differently from the present systems, recording, evaluation, warning and device control operations are performed in the same system. In the present paper, the system operation and its performance at the fields of application are expressed in detail.


Refrigerator,p;Temperature sensor; Microcontroller; Serial port; Wireless communication

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