Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ce/Fe Doped YCrO3 Ceramic

Shi, Liran ; Li, Jian ; Wang, Jin ; Chen, Xiangming


The structure and magnetic properties of perovskite chromium oxide YCrO3 and its doping system are systematically studied. Ceramic samples are prepared by solid state method. X-ray diffraction patterns reveal that the materials are orthorhombic structure with space group Pnma. The result of magnetic study of YCrO3 and the doping system show that the
antiferromagnetism and ferromagnetism coexist in the system. The magnetism comes from the exchange interactions between Cr ions. The results of magnetothermal curve reveal that all the samples show the negative magnetization induced by temperature and doping at different positions affects the compensation temperature, which is related to the interaction of magnetic ions in the system. The doping of Ce ions in Y-position affects the coercivity of hysteresis loop, but it has no effect on the magnitude of magnetization. While, the doping of Fe ions enhances the antiferromagnetism of the system and makes the magnetization decrease obviously. The phenomenon of negative magnetization in the sample makes it possible for this kind of material to be used in magnetic sensor parts.


Chromic acid yttrium; Negative magnetization; Canted antiferromagnetism; Ferromagnetism

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