Assessment of Indoor-Outdoor Wi-Fi Radiation on Human Body and its Precise SAR Measurement

Naik, B V; Sharma, K ; Sharma, R


There has been a lot of awareness concern about the health hazards of RF electromagnetic radiation on the human body, the radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure assessment needs attention. This paper reports experimentally measured electromagnetic radiation emission from public place Wi-Fi devices. Indoor and outdoor measurements are done at different geographic locations in India. For the indoor assessment, the experiment was carried out in the national physical laboratory (NPL) New Delhi for 1-4 antennas Wi-Fi routers at a distance of 0-10-meter range are taken into consideration. The power density and electrical intensity were measured using a spectrum analyzer with isotropic E-field probe TSEMF-B1. For the outdoor measurements, four different Delhi metro stations Wi-fi devices at a distance of 20-meter range towards the train coach and below the Wi-fi routers have been considered. In this experiment, we used an instrument is Narda NBM-550 E-field probe for electric field and radiated power density estimation. In addition, the human whole body 3D model has been simulated in a free space environment, the measured outcome of indoor-outdoor electromagnetic radiation and specific absorption rate (SAR) is compared with the ICNIRP, FCC guideline limits at 2.45-5.87 GHz and precise SAR has been evaluated.


Wi-Fi; SAR; Radiation;Human Body; E-field Probe

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