Electronically Tunable SIMO type Mixed-mode Biquadratic Filter using Single FTFNTA

Singh, Ravendra ; Prasad, Dinesh


In this manuscript, a new electronically tunable single input multiple output (SIMO) type mixed-mode biquad filter is proposed. It comprises of single Four Terminal Floating Nullor Transconductance Amplifier (FTFNTA) as an Active Building Block, one resistor, and two grounded capacitors. The proposed design can generate current mode (low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass) filters and transimpedance mode (band-pass and inverting low-pass) filters simultaneously for current as an input. Similarly, for voltage as input, it can generate voltage mode (high-pass and inverting band-pass) filters and transadmitance mode (inverting band-pass and inverting high-pass) filters simultaneously. The pole frequency (ω0) and quality factor (Q0) can be tuned electronically as well as through a grounded capacitor without disturbing the bandwidth (ω0/Q0). Design is independent from the input as well as passive component matching constraint. The presence of grounded capacitors makes the circuit feasible for IC realization. The functionality of the proposed design is validated through PSIPCE simulation. To check the robustness of the proposed design Monte Carlo, sensitivity, and noise analysis is also performed.


Active filter; FTFNTA; Mixed-mode filter; PSPICE; SIMO; FTFN

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