Enhancing approach of dispersion-compensation for dual-concentric-core photonic crystal fibers

Hsu, Jui-Ming ; Yao, Che-Wei ; Chuang, Wei-Hsiang


An approach for enhancing the dispersion-compensation of dual-concentric-core photonic crystal fiber (DCC-PCF) is theoretically investigated. By enlarging the holes of inner cladding in order to increase the slope difference of index-curves between two supermodes, the negative chromatic dispersion coefficient is significantly enlarged. The reason of the approach is theoretically discussed in the present paper. The results indicate that the negative chromatic dispersion coefficient for the improved DCC-PCF using this approach is approximately 1.43 times greater than that of the previous work at around a wavelength of 1550 nm. Moreover, the confinement loss is estimated to verify that the loss of the improved DCC-PCF is extremely small.


Photonic crystal; Chromatic dispersion; Optical communication

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