Copper Oxide Microspheres for Pseudocapacitor Applications and its Cytotoxicity Studies

Swaminathan, Ashwini ; Ray, Biswadeep ; Swaminathan, Rajesh ; Bhojan, Vidhya ; Raju, Nandha kumar; Ayyasamy, Sakunthala


The preparation of copper oxide (CuO) microspheres was done via hydrothermal route with the amphiphilic polymer pluronic (P123) as the capping agent. The XRD studies confirmed the monoclinic structure of the compound. The formation of microspheres were confirmed through SEM and TEM studies. The pseudo-capacitance properties were inferred with three electrode system. The cyclic voltammetry studies were done for the scan rates of 5 to 100 mV/Sec. The charge-discharge analysis was done for different current density values of 1 to 20 A/g. The specific capacitance of the material for a current density value of 1 A/g was found to be 245 F/g. The cytotoxicity study of the CuO microspheres studied using MTT assay shows the material to be non-toxic in nature.



Copper oxide; Microspheres; Hydrothermal route; Pseudocapacitor, Cytotoxicity


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