Energy Requirement, Resources and Future Management: A Review



This review paper investigates an up-to-date assessment and projection of the non-renewable energy sources (fossil and fissile energy sources) and renewable energy sources (RESs) and their various aspects. A concise analysis of the present status and future prospects of both the fossil energy sources (coal, natural gas and oil) and RESs is discussed. Furthermore, a concise analysis of the fossil fuels measured reserves and consumption for both global and Indian scenario are discussed. Problematic aspects of the non-renewable energy sources like adverse environmental impact, supply interruption fear and energy transition pathways are presented. A detailed summary of the RESs annual potential and a comparative analysis between fossil and RESs regarding carbon dioxide (CO2) emission are presented and the main barriers and remedial approaches in adaptation of RESs are portrayed.


Energy; Energy potential; Fossil sources; Renewable energy sources

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