Ohmic-Viscous Dissipation in MHD Slip Flow of Cu-blood Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface along Nanoparticle Shapes

Chaudhary, Santosh ; Chouhan, Kiran Kunwar


MHD nanofluid has been of great importance due to its influential thermal aspects. Present study involves two dimensional MHD boundary layer slip flow of Cu-blood nanofluid towards a linearly stretching sheet under impact of Ohmic heating, viscous dissipation and suction/injection process. Influence of various shapes of Cu nanoparticles on temperature has also been taken into consideration. Governing partial differential equations have been converted into nondimensional form through suitable similarity transformations and solved numerically via special spectral relaxation method (SRM). Effect of emerging parameters, suction/injection parameter, velocity slip parameter, solid volume fraction, magnetic parameter, Brinkman number and shape factor have been explored and described graphically. Numerical values of shear stress and heat flux have been reported via table and influence of controlling parameters have also been analysed on skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number. Subsequently, the validation of the results has been established through comparison with previously published data. The results of this investigation can be applicable in biomedical fields.


Ohmic heating; Viscous dissipation; MHD; Slip condition; Nanofluid; Stretching surface

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