Solid state polymeric battery fabrication of hot-pressed nanocomposite polymer electrolyte

Chandra, Angesh


Solid state polymeric battery based on newly synthesized Na+ ion conducting nano- composite polymer electrolyte (NCPE): 93 (70PEO: 30NaClO4) + 7 SiO2, has been fabricated in the cell configuration: Na-metal 93 (70PEO: 30NaClO4) + 7 SiO2 (C + I2+NCPE). Na-metal and (C + I2 + NCPE) in 1: 1:1 wt % ratios have been used as anode and cathode, respectively. The cell-potential discharge performances have been studied at different temperatures under different load conditions. To explain the ionic nature of the present NCPE, ionic transference number (tion) has also been calculated with the help of electrochemical cell-potential method.


Nano-composite polymer electrolyte, Polymer battery, Ionic transference number, Electrochemical cell potential method

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