Piezoelectric Properties of Ta (≤ 5 (mole)%) Doped in Na0.685K0.315NbO3

Negi, Jyotsana ; Biswas, Don ; Panwar, N S


To explore the piezoelectric potential of Ta doping on the MPB- like composition Na0.685K0.315NbO3, ceramic pellets of Na0.685K0.315Nb1-yTayO3 (y ≤ 0.05) were arranged by solid-state reaction method. For piezoelectric measurements, sintered pellets were electroded, in parallel capacitor configuration, with silver coating deposited by direct current (dc) magnetron sputtering of a silver target. Polarization and piezoelectric parameters were measured using a ferroelectric (PE- loop tracer) and piezo- meter (AixACCT Systems, GmbH). Composition (y) variation of remnant polarization, coercive field, converse piezoelectric coefficient (d*33), and polarization current measurements were carried out in the prepared compositions. The remnant polarization (Pr) is 18.439 μC/cm2 with a coercive field (Ec) of 8 kV/cm for NKNT single crystals. d*33 was observed 300.76 pm/V for y = 0.04 at the applied field of 22kV/cm.


NKN, Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectric

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