Copper Nanowire Arrays: Growth and Properties

Sharma, Bharti ; Singh, Ram Mehar; Kumar, Avshish ; Kumar, Sushil


Cu nanowire arrays of three different diameters have been synthesized via template assisted electrode position technique. Morphological, structural, optical, electrical and field emission properties were examined for these three nanowire arrays. Morphological study reveals the nanowire arrays are of uniform diameter throughout the length and of desired dimensions. Structural study shows the face centred cubic structure of nanowires. The crystallite size has been calculated using the Debye-Scherrer relation and micro strain has been calculated using Williamson-Hall analysis. The surface plasmon resonance absorption peak shifts towards red end with increase in diameter of nanowires. I-V characteristics show the ohmic behaviour. Electron field emission properties of Cu nanowire arrays have been studied using Fowler Nordheim theory. The field emission parameters like maximum emission current density, turn on field and field enhancement factor have been calculated for nanowire arrays of different diameters. Cu nanowire arrays of diameter 50 nm exhibit better field emission properties, indicating that thin nanowire arrays have great potential to be used as field emitters.


Nanowires; Electrodeposition; Surface plasmon resonance; Field emission

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