Structural characterization of some borate glass specimen by ultrasonic, spectroscopic and SEM studies

Thirumaran, Sundararajan ; PRAKASH, N.



The ultrasonic wave velocity (longitudinal and shear) and density for the ternary glass system of (i) B2O3-SiO2-Na2CO3 (BSS-glass systems) and (ii) B2O3-Bi2O3-Na2CO3 (BBS-glass systems) have been measured at room temperature by using pulse-echo technique at 5MHz. The glass samples were prepared by conventional melt-quenching method. The amorphous nature of the glass samples was ascertained using X-ray diffractometry (XRD). The measured experimental values have been utilized to evaluate the elastic moduli, Poisson’s ratio, acoustic impedance, micro hardness, Debye temperature, thermal expansion coefficient and oxygen packing density which are discussed in terms of the structural changes in the glass specimen. The functional groups present in the glass samples have been confirmed by FTIR spectral analysis. The surface morphology of the glass samples has also been thoroughly investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).


Key words; Micro hardness; Debye temperature; Poisson’s ratio; FT-IR spectroscopy; Scanning electron microscopy; X-ray diffractometry

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